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Monday, July 25, 2011

Some updates, not much new

So it's been a busy few days, my dad being here for a visit, including a nice little day trip to the beach. Some snaps my husband took of the kids having a blast:

It's fantastic living in a place where it's possible to take a day trip to the beach!

On the crafting front, I redid my son's Hawaiian-style shirt in a size large and it fits so much nicer. I will get a photo of him wearing it when he gets back from his trip to south Florida with Grammy, visiting Uncle Brian and his family. They should be back sometime tomorrow. Meanwhile, I've just about finished my daughter's modified Hawaiian thingy:

All it needs now are the buttons sewn on. I thought about doing this with a back zip, but the thought of trying to make that work with the collar made my head hurt. I decided the buttons would be secure enough; I don't think she really "gets" buttons. Again, I'll get some photos of her wearing it soon! (I almost typo'd that as "swoon." Apropros, I think!)

Work also proceeds apace with my Sweet Harmony handbag:

It's been such a wildly different undertaking than anything I've tried before. There is a lot of interfacing, fleece, layers upon layers. I gnashed my teeth over the piping on the exterior pockets (pics of that later) but I think it came out okay with a lot of care and slow work. Now, I think, all that remains is to sew lining to exterior (the above photo shows the exterior inserted into the lining, ready to be pinned and sewn before being turned) and attach the handle (sort of visible in the background above).

I'm signing up for a sewing class at the local community college, a lot of which will probably be stuff I already know, but I hope to round out my skills and fill in some gaps. In the future, I'd love to "cherry-pick" some courses from a local college's Fashion Design undergraduate program, like Pattern Drafting and Advanced Tailoring, but I'm not sure how to work that. I'll have to call or write to the college Admissions office at some point. But the sewing class I'm taking doesn't wrap up until sometime in October, so there's no rush.

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