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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Armchair window-shopping and not much else

I'm finding out how chaotic the fabric world seems to be, compared to the yarn world. I'm used to the yarn standards which clearly define the yarn weight, recommended needle size, and so on. It's harder shopping for fabric online since there appears to be no real standard for describing the fabric in those kinds of specific terms. The term "twill," for example, often seems to mean a medium weight fabric suitable for pants and skirts, but in fact, "twill" describes the way the fabric is woven and can be used to describe all sorts of fabric from light to heavy. I want descriptions like thread counts and weights per yard, and labels for what the fabric is suitable for. These can be found sporadically on some sites, but not all. I'm not complaining, exactly - I'm just remarking that this will take some getting used to!

Lately not much going on besides lots of websurfing, spreadsheet-making, and pattern-perusing. I'm hoping to sew most of the kids' fall and winter wardrobes. Too ambitious? Quite possibly. But it'll be fun trying. I've rounded up several patterns that should cover all the bases, and I'm gradually compiling a pattern and materials shopping list. Meanwhile, I've made up four new 'flightsuits' for Amelia from the new Kwik-Sew pattern I found. They're very roomy so as long as they don't disintegrate from the abuse she puts them through, they should last a while. It's so dreamy sewing on my new machine, even for the very basic sewing I've been doing. The little conveniences really add up.

Hopefully some actual finished projects will crop up soon. Further updates as events warrant.

PS. I can't seem to comment on my own posts (??) so.... thanks Madcap! I love the bag - it's the perfect size for me, it's lightweight, and it's bright inside so stuff doesn't get lost in the gloom. Yay!

PPS. Still having trouble posting comments! Will enlist E4's help to try and figure it out later. Meanwhile, Madcap - it's actually just a pattern for one-piece pajamas. We've been calling Amelia's pj's "flight-suits" for years, for some reason. The pattern is here. As it turns out, they have patterns for adult jumpsuits too, so we should be set for life.

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  1. Can you post a link to the "flight-suit" pattern? I'm curious.